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Viking Rings

Опубликовано: 12.04.2017

видео Viking Rings

The Vikings! Silversmiths and Touchstones!

Throughout the history of mankind, rings have always been among the most popular jewelry items. The ring symbolizes the cycle of life and death, the universe and eternity! Rings depicting popular Black Sun, Vegvesir, and Valknut symbols are universal amulets designed to protect the wearer from harm and trouble, negative influences and blurred mind. The same properties are pertinent to the famous pendant with the Slavic symbol of Kolovrat yet the Viking rings are more popular among today's consumers.

The viking-workshop website offers unique Viking ring gold, silver and bronze, handcrafted by our experienced professionals. These rings are unparalleled and will make a great gift for your loved ones.

By ordering your favorite Viking Rings, you launch a streamlined production process, with true professionals involved at every step. All work on the creation of Viking ring for sale is artisanal, with no factory stamping. We know that only individual approach can ensure the quality and uniqueness of the product.

Viking rings presented in this catalog are not just beautiful jewelry, but are also powerful charms. Thanks to their closed shape, they help to save life force, to avoid the negative influence and complete an important task. Viking ring bronze should be given to people in need of protection or facing severe obstacles in their path. Its power can even match the popular Odin amulet and Viking axe from the Mammen village.

Blacksmith Forging a Viking Arm Ring ✔

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